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Prefecture of Preveza is located at the South - Western side of Ipirus with an extention of 1.036 square kilometres and 58.628 residents. It borders from the North side with Ioannina and from the southeast side with Arta.

The city of Preveza is commercial and spiritual centre of the prefecture. The castle which ends at the sea, the graphic streets and the old neighborhoods make this town one of the most beautiful towns of Southern Greece.      

This prefectur of Preveza has many wonderful sightseeing such as Nikopoli Necromanteion and Aheron, great archaeological sights, Vyzantinum churches, Venetian castles, the martyrian Zalogo ancient Kasopi, and the romantic Parga.

In the above we add the favour of nature: the splendid western coasts of prefecture where they are opened in clear Ionian Sea, important waterland Amvrakikos gulf, the beautiful lake of Ziros variety of landscape with the natural alternations, the soft and healthy climate, the rich vegetation and abundant waters.


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